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The functional characteristics and uses of the crank arm lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-07
The crank arm type lifting platform is a lifting equipment used for high-altitude operations. It can cross obstacles for high-altitude operations. When the platform is lifted to any position, it can be operated while walking. The structure is compact and the steering is flexible. The width of the ground can ensure that the equipment enters narrowly. The passageway and crowded work area. Standby power unit, operable working platform reset, convenient transportation mode, can be towed to any place. Easy-to-identify operation panel, multiple mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety protection, advanced integrated hydraulic electrical integrated system. Functional characteristics of the crank arm construction lift platform:    1. A new type of fully hydraulic self-propelled special chassis: a crank arm high-altitude construction lift truck, which adopts the technology of electro-mechanical and hydraulic integration, reliability design and computer-aided design, and successfully developed a complete The hydraulically driven and self-propelled special chassis breaks through the previous limitation that domestic aerial work hoisting platform vehicles can only be modified and designed with automobile or crane chassis.  2. Good driving stability with load: The chassis structure of the crank arm construction lift table breaks through the traditional design theories and methods, and reduces the deviation of the center of gravity by optimizing the overall layout and load distribution of the loading platform. The unique large-angle backward hinge point structure is adopted, and a variety of counterweight modules are reasonably set up to effectively balance the working torque. The use of H-shaped variable cross-section composite box girder piercing frame and high-load center rubber tires increase the overall rigidity of the chassis, ensure the stability of the whole machine driving and operation process, and realize the function of high-altitude operation lifting cage platform truck with load. 3. Multi-functional and multi-purpose operating device: through the front bracket of the boom, the lifting device or manned platform can be quickly installed to realize the functions of material lifting, hoisting and manned high-altitude operations, and at the same time for extended operations The interface is provided for fast switching of devices and various working devices. The use of crank arm lifting platform equipment:     With the increase in the complexity of the work height, the use of crank arm lifting platform is more and more widely used. It is usually used in municipal administration, electricity, street lights, highways, docks, advertising, gardens, community properties, high altitude cleaning Various high-altitude workplaces.   Diesel self-propelled type: It does not require an external power supply, and is suitable for high-altitude erection operations in the field. It uses diesel engine power to drive walking and lifting, with high power and fast walking speed.   Trailer type: It can be hung on the car, synchronized with the car, suitable for high-altitude operations in the field. method: 1. Use 380-220V power supply. 2. It is inconvenient to use the power supply. You can use a battery to drive the lift. Beautiful appearance, easy to walk. Battery type: special equipment for high-altitude operations assembled by the lifting platform and battery car. It uses the original DC power of the battery car and can realize the movement of the lifting platform and the whole machine without external power supply. It has the advantages of convenient movement and wide operation flow range. , It is suitable for high-altitude operations in different places with large operating range and strong mobility.   Vehicle-mounted: The crank arm type lifting platform is installed on the car, and the vehicle power is used to drive the lifting, which is more suitable for long-distance field high-altitude operations. If we don’t have this kind of high-altitude lifting platform equipment-crank arm lifting platform around our lives, then how do we deal with complex aerial work problems? I really sigh the greatness of our human beings, as long as it is high-altitude work, no matter what it has. No matter how complex it is, we humans will always defeat it with wisdom.
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