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The general form of hydraulic outriggers commonly used in hydraulic lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-07-05
The supporting system of hydraulic lifting platforms (including fixed lifting platforms, wall-mounted lifting platforms, aluminum alloy lifting platforms, and crank arm lifting platforms) are mainly manual outriggers and hydraulic outriggers. Here, the lifting platform manufacturers will introduce the hydraulic Outriggers. The hydraulic outriggers commonly used in hydraulic lifting platforms can be roughly divided into the following forms. The movable outrigger of the frog-style outrigger is hinged on the fixed outrigger, and its unfolding action is completed by a hydraulic cylinder. It is characterized by simple structure and light weight, but the outrigger span is not large, so it is only suitable for small tonnage construction hoists.   H-type outriggers are not commonly used in hydraulic lifting platforms, and there are two hydraulic cylinders. After the movable outriggers are extended, the vertical legs support the ground when working, which is named after the shape of H. The characteristic is that the outriggers have a large span and good adaptability to the site. It has been widely used at present. When the X-shaped outriggers work, the outriggers are X-shaped, and the ground clearance is small. During the process of supporting the feet on the ground, there will be horizontal displacement. When it is small, the space for heavy objects to move is larger than that of the H-shaped outriggers. Therefore, it is often used in combination with H-shaped legs to form a front H and back X type.  The radial outriggers are centered on the turning center of the turntable, and 4 outriggers extend radially downward from the basin-shaped frame of the frame. It is characterized by good stability. During lifting operations, all loads do not pass through the frame but directly act on the outriggers. This can reduce the weight of the frame and lower the height of the center of gravity of the whole machine to protect the chassis from damage. Mainly used in some very large cranes. The above are the common hydraulic outriggers currently on the market. The hydraulic outriggers often used in lifting platform equipment are used to provide a larger support span for the lifting cage platform without increasing the width of the lifting platform. Without reducing the mobility of the lifting platform, the lifting operation of the lifting cage platform is more stable.
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