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The General Formulas Of Electric Construction Hanging Gondola

The General Formulas Of Electric Construction Hanging Gondola


The production of electric construction hanging gondola is referenced by relevant formula, for example the width and length of suspension mechanism picks out on the roof, counter weight block number and type should be computed. Generally, the requirements should meet as follows:1. the suspension platform should be run up and down for three to four times within the scope of 3m above the ground, the roller attached to the wall should operate freely and the climbing mechanism should operate normally; 2.when the load test exceeds the rated load, electric power should be cut off at the overweight limit;3. When the suspension platform runs to the highest place on the wall, electric should be powered off at ultra-high limit.

Safety lock of the construction working platform is sensitive and reliable within the valid demarcation period. The counter weight should be placed firmly on the balance frame, and the number should be correct. The width, culling length and supporting length of suspension system should comply with the given size on the scheme. Also, the suspension system should be placed firmly.

The lifting device should be connected reliably with lifting beam of suspension system, the control buttons and limited switches in the electrical system should be sensitive. Steel wire rope including lifting ropes and safety ropes should comply with the relevant provisions. No damage and corrosion, It should not cover with dirt on the surface.

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