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The general trend of intelligent lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-13
The general trend of intelligent lifting of hydraulic lifting platforms Industry analysts pointed out: Intelligent hydraulic lifting cage platforms have many advantages, and can use a variety of sensors and switches to provide safe, efficient and higher-precision crane movement and load positioning. With an intelligent network composed of sensors, switches and controllers, the hydraulic lifting platform can automatically send out alarms and solve problems when danger is approaching, instead of relying solely on the intuition of the crane driver. The digital intelligent control system has simple control lines, low power consumption and no sparks. Its service life is 10 times that of the old crane control system. It can monitor and record the real-time operating status of the crane, and carry out fault alarms and maintenance reminders when necessary. Manipulating the crane greatly improves the overall safety of the crane. In addition, smart cranes tend to have lower costs, and cables and other materials can save more than 80% and electricity more than 25% compared with older cranes. Smart construction hoists are pursuing a safer development model. The development of safe, intelligent and easy-to-operate cranes can help reduce crane accidents, casualties, downtime, and damage to the crane itself and surrounding project areas. If the crane tipped over on a construction site, the damage to the site and the resulting interruption of operations could cause millions of dollars in damages. Therefore, it is necessary to use more subsystems and electronic devices to continuously monitor the various stages of crane operation to improve safety and ease of operation. The development of sensor technology has further accelerated the technological innovation of smart cranes. At present, sensors and switches that are vibration-proof, shock-proof, waterproof, resistant to extreme environmental conditions and hazardous chemicals have appeared on the market, and can be used in cranes and other construction equipment. Normal operation when facing harsh environment. In the '2014-2017 China Crane Industry Profit and Investment Value Research ReportRelevant companies should keep up with the market trend, increase research and development capabilities, provide various solutions consisting of a wide range of products for a large number of different technical problems, and occupy an active position in the market of intelligent crane development. 127.
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