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The importance of circuit protection devices for electric lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-05-25
In the structure of the electric lifting platform, electricity accounts for the main part. Whether it is a battery or three-phase power supply, it is the power of the lifting platform. It may be said that if there is no electricity, the lifting platform cannot work normally, so the circuit Protection occupies a large proportion of the maintenance of the lifting platform. The elevators designed by normal manufacturers have circuit protection devices. When the power of the lifting platform is over-voltage, long-voltage, faulty, or broken, the following specific analysis will occur when these situations occur. The role of time protection device. Over-voltage, under-voltage, and phase-failure protection devices are designed to automatically stop the lifting platform when there is over-voltage, under-voltage, or phase-failure and phase-failure faults in the electrical circuit, so as to eliminate hidden work hazards. The maintenance personnel of the construction hoisting platform did not find out the cause of the over-voltage and under-voltage and phase-break protection devices in time, and eliminated the faults. Instead, they cancelled or short-circuited the protection devices to make them inoperative, leaving hidden accidents for the equipment. There are some early products or products from informal manufacturers that do not have this protective device at all. It is recommended that they should be equipped to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the safety of the aircraft and the staff. The operating lifting platform should be able to carry people and goods for work under the reliable and effective protection devices of overvoltage and undervoltage and fault phase disconnection, otherwise major accidents may occur.
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