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The important role of the safety performance of the explosion-proof device of the electric elevator

by:Powerston     2021-06-05
The explosion-proof device of the electric elevator is an explosive dangerous place for the pollution source of explosive gas, steam, dust or fiber at the production site. Electrical sparks, mechanical sparks and classic sparks often cause explosions in the chemical industry or inflammables. The explosion-proof performance of Chengdu explosion-proof lifting cage platform The key is to prevent dangerous sparks and dangerous high temperatures, and to strengthen and improve the safety performance testing and inspection of in-use explosion-proof platforms has a significant effect on preventing fire and explosion accidents caused by hidden dangers of equipment failure. The structure of the electric elevator is divided into the mechanical structure part and the electrical equipment part. The explosion-proof certificate can only be obtained when the two parts meet the requirements of explosion-proof performance. Although the type test and explosion-proof certificate are checked at the factory, they are integrated in actual use. Explosion-proof safety performance will be affected by factors such as installation and construction, overhaul and maintenance, and usage time of the environment. What are the hidden dangers of the explosion-proof safety of the whole system of the explosion-proof machinery in use? The division of hazardous areas in the production site should be clear, and the explosion-proof level of the whole machine or components of the explosion-proof platform should be consistent with the explosion-proof level required by the hazardous substances on site when purchasing. Certain damages in the use of Chengdu explosion-proof hydraulic platform will reduce the explosion-proof safety performance of the whole machine. For example, the influence of vibration or shock during use, the influence of humid and corrosive environment, etc. Most companies do not pay enough attention to the maintenance management of explosion-proof machinery, such as personnel lacking the necessary training and lack of strict inspection after maintenance. Even after long-term use and repeated repairs of some equipment, the explosion-proof performance of some components has been obviously deficient.
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