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The lifting weight of the tower crane varies with the range

The lifting weight of the tower crane varies with the range


The lifting weight of tower crane varies with the amplitude, the lifting height is big, the inertia mass of turning and walking is big, so it needs to have the good speed regulation performance, especially the lifting mechanism requirements can be light load fast, heavy load slow speed, installation and micro-motion.In order to ensure safety, the tower crane has good safety devices, such as lifting weight limit device, range limit device, height limit device and load moment limit device, as well as travel limit switch, tower signal lamp, wind gauge, windproof rail clip device, climbing guard ring, corridor guardrail and so on.The driver's cab should be comfortable, easy to operate, have a good view and have perfect communication equipment.

Practice has proved that many major safety accidents are caused by the foundation problems of tower crane, which is an important factor affecting the overall stability of tower crane.Some accident was due to site for the construction period, under the condition of the concrete strength is not enough to install, some accident was due to endurance, have a plenty of due to near the foundation excavation of landslide displacement, even or uneven subsidence arising from water, and so on, all of these will cause serious safety accidents, so  we must pay more attention.

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