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The main factors for the abnormal working of the hydraulic lifting platform in summer

by:Powerston     2021-09-29
For the upcoming summer, a season of enthusiasm and hot weather, we can choose to sit in an air-conditioned room or have a cold drink to help cool down. But for the Sichuan lifting platform, the high temperature in summer will cause the hydraulic oil of the lifting platform to dissipate slowly and increase the temperature. How can we help it cool down! We know that the lifting platform is driven by hydraulic oil. If the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, it will easily cause damage to the internal parts of the lifting platform, so it is very necessary to help the lifting platform to cool down in summer of. After using the lifting platform for a period of time, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will rise under the influence of movement and the surrounding temperature. At this time, we need to stop and let the lifting platform take a rest and cool down. But this easily affects work efficiency, and how can we judge whether the lifting platform is heating up because of temperature? If the heating is due to a fault in the fuel tank, how should we judge it! If the fuel tank of the lifting cargo lifting platform is only used occasionally It is also prone to malfunctions at times, and the temperature of the fuel tank is very high. At this time, it may be considered that there may be a problem with the fuel tank. The lifting movement of the lifting platform mainly depends on the hydraulic pump to suck the hydraulic oil from the fuel tank, and then reach the hydraulic cylinder through a series of transmission , Through the movement of the hydraulic rod piston, the lifting cargo lifting platform is moved upwards. When the hydraulic oil returns to the oil, that is, the lifting working platform realizes the descending movement. We can calculate the heating power through the hydraulic system. If the heating is found to be abnormal, the fuel tank can be replaced. Because the fuel tank at this time can no longer meet the needs of the work, the fuel tank with imperfect heat dissipation function will affect the normal operation of the entire construction lift. In order to prevent the oil temperature of the lifting platform from being too high in summer, we can choose a fuel tank with a large heat dissipation area, because this new fuel tank can help dissipate heat faster, and the cost is relatively small, but there is a way to use a fuel tank with a large heat dissipation area to help heat dissipation The disadvantage is that it is easily restricted by space. If the space reserved for the fuel tank is only that large when designing the lifting platform for lifting goods, it is not suitable to use this new fuel tank. At this time, you can choose another one to install a cooler to help the oil tank of the lifting cage platform dissipate heat. Compared with the previous method, this method is less restrictive and has a long use time, but the cost is relatively high Taller. Therefore, in order to solve the problem that the fuel tank of the lifting cage platform in summer becomes too high due to the temperature, the problem can be found and then the appropriate solution can be selected. Correctly distinguish whether it is the external cause of temperature or the cause of the internal failure of the lifting cage platform, and then prescribe the right medicine. Only in this way can the lifting platform work normally, improve work efficiency, and bring better economic benefits to users. Wonderful content recommendation: how to solve the fixed lifting platform maintenance? Thank you for visiting the website of Machinery. If you have any questions, you can call us and we will do our best to provide you with quality service.
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