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The main faults and solutions of the gear oil pump of the hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-10
When the gear oil pump of the hydraulic lifting platform fails, it will seriously affect our production and work. How should we eliminate the fault of the gear oil pump and the maintenance plan of the gear oil pump of the hydraulic lifting cage platform are listed as follows: Possible failures: check the filtering of the gear pump inlet pipeline Whether there is dirt on the device, clogging and causing air pockets. Solution: flush the dirt with oil. Possible failure: air infiltrates from the pump shaft seal of the lifting platform or the joint of the pump body and pump cover. Solution: replace the oil seal or paper Pad. Possible failure: whether there is air in the oil inlet pipe of the gear pump. It can be identified by carefully listening to the sound of the running part. Add a little oil to the joint. If the sound becomes smaller, it means that the seal is not good and the air leakage solution: Tighten joints or replace gaskets, seals, joints and other components. Possible failure: excessive noise of the gear pump. Solution: First, check from the outside, check the oil pipe, pump mounting frame, and whether the frame is loose. If it is loose, it must be Tighten it, otherwise resonance will occur. Possible failure: Check whether the fuel tank level is up to the standard value and whether the fuel inlet pipe port is always below the level. Solution: Fill the fuel tank. Recommended content: There are hydraulic lifting cage platforms and car lifts. What is the difference? Thank you for visiting the website of Machinery. If you have any questions, you can call us and we will do our best to provide you with quality service.
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