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The main points of safety technology of bridge erecting machine and analysis of easy accidents

by:Powerston     2021-04-17
Nowadays, as my country’s road construction is in full swing, and in road construction, whether it is a high-speed road or a railway, a type of mechanical equipment will be used to place the prefabricated beams at both ends on the prefabricated bridge piers. The bridge erecting machine also belongs to the category of construction hoists. Safety technical points 1. The installation and dismantling of the bridge erecting machine is a project that exceeds a certain scale and is more dangerous, and a special construction plan needs to be drawn up and verified by experts. 2. The assembly process is: construction preparation → placement of front outriggers, middle outriggers and lateral movement track → front outriggers, middle outriggers, rear outriggers → assembling main beams, guide beams, and installation of contact frames → before installing guide beams Outriggers → installation of lifting crane → installation and commissioning of hydraulic and electronic control systems. 3. Before the installation of the bridge erecting machine, the components, accessories, tools, etc. entering the site should be checked and accepted in detail. 4. The size of the site and the bearing capacity of the foundation should meet the requirements for the installation and trial load of the bridge erector; the site is smooth and the longitudinal slope cannot exceed 3%. 5. Before placing the track and moving the middle leg horizontally, the debris on the track foundation should be cleaned up in advance. After the track is laid, the top surface elevation must be measured and leveled and cushioned. 6. Place the front and middle outriggers traverse trolley on the traverse track, after aligning the center distance, connect the front and middle outriggers to the trolley, and use a chain hoist and cable wind rope to fix the support part to the ground . 7. Assemble the main beams and guide beams from the front or rear in turn on the ground, and then hoist the main beam and guide beam on one side on the outriggers with two cars, and install the other side in the same way. 8. Measure the track center distance of the two guide beams according to the installation size. Install the connection frame to connect the left and right trusses into one body. 9. The order of dismantling the bridge erecting machine is reverse to the installation sequence, namely: dismantling the electrical and hydraulic system→ dismantling the crane crane→ dismantling the front leg of the guide beam→ dismantling the connecting frame, guide beam, main beam→ dismantling the front leg and middle leg , Rear outriggers→Remove the front and middle horizontal movement rails. 2. Analysis of accident-prone situations During the assembly, use and disassembly of the bridge erecting machine, there are mainly general safety risks such as object strikes, falling from heights, mechanical injuries, and electric shocks. Due to the characteristics of hoisting operations, there are also unique safety risks such as lifting injuries and equipment overturning. 1. Lifting injuries: during lifting operations, the hanging object is unhooked and hitting people, the wire rope breaks and hurts people, and the hanging object hits people when it moves. 2. Overturning: Overturning of the truck crane caused by illegal operation, illegal command, external force impact, overturning of the bridge erecting machine caused by instability during the installation process, poor subgrade and line quality, rushing time, equipment failure, etc. easily lead to the bridge erecting machine Overturned during operation. 3. Key points of bridge erecting machine operation control 1. Crane drivers, electricians, welders and other special operators must hold certificates to work. 2. New employees should not be allowed to work until they pass the physical examination, receive safety education and training, and provide technical information. 3. Construction personnel must wear safety helmets when entering the construction site, wear safety belts and wear non-slip shoes when performing high-altitude and hanging operations. 4. Before installation and dismantling operations, the commander should observe whether there are operators under the object to be hoisted, and confirm the connection between the hoisting components and other parts. If the operation is suspended for some reason, reinforcement measures must be taken in time. 5. Before the components are hoisted, the operator should whistle to indicate. During the lifting process, follow the signal command. During the lifting operation, the lifting commander's signal should be unified to ensure the synchronization of the lifting action. During the lifting process, a special person should be assigned to observe the anchoring situation. 6. The electrical work industry must implement a guardianship system, and a special person is responsible for power outages, and a signboard 'No closing, no work' is hung to prevent accidental closing and electric shock accidents. 7. The laying of sleepers under the horizontally moving track should be stable, and the front legs should be supported by a combination of sleepers and section steel. The height should be adjusted according to the bridge's cross slope to ensure that the cross slope of the steel rail is less than 0.5%. The laying of sleepers should be no more than 3 layers. The 'well' type cushion method is perpendicular to the beam direction compared to the upper sleeper, and the net distance between adjacent supporting sleepers should not be greater than 0.5m. Summary: Whether it is the safety technical problem of the bridge machine or the problem that is prone to accidents, it is worthy of every operator's attention to avoid accidents!
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