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The main reason affecting the work of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-18
Sometimes there is obviously no problem with the hydraulic lifting platform, but the work efficiency is always blocked, the energy supply is sufficient, but the work efficiency is not good. This problem is mostly because the hydraulic lifting platform is in operation, the energy is occupied or caused by other reasons Lost. Many people have not heard of this point of view, so few people understand the reasons for its formation and avoidance methods. After discussion, technical personnel have obtained the following relevant information, which is published here for reference only: 1) Hydraulic lifting platform The hydraulics should be selected reasonably. Adjusting the pressure of the pressure valve by the lifting platform is also an important aspect of reducing power loss. The flow valve is selected according to the flow adjustment range in the system and its minimum stable flow can meet the requirements of use. The pressure of the pressure valve should be as low as possible when the hydraulic equipment is working normally. 2) Hydraulic oil should be selected reasonably for the hydraulic lifting platform. When the hydraulic oil flows in the pipeline, it will exhibit viscosity, and when the viscosity is too high, it will generate greater internal friction, causing the oil to heat up, and at the same time increase the resistance when the oil flows. When the viscosity is too low, it is easy to cause leakage, which will reduce the volumetric efficiency of the system. Therefore, generally choose the oil with suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics. 3) In addition, when the oil flows in the pipeline, there will be pressure loss and local pressure loss along the way. Therefore, when designing the pipeline, try to shorten the pipeline and reduce the elbow. 4) Ensure the voltage stability of the working environment. Unstable voltage will burn all kinds of electrical components in the operation box, and the lifting equipment cannot be controlled. Secondly, frequent voltage instability will directly burn the motor in the power unit. The consequences of burning the motor are very serious. It will cause the pressure to drop instantaneously. If the lifting cage equipment is not equipped with safety equipment such as overflow valves or explosion-proof valves, it will cause the lifting equipment to fall and cause accidents. The above 4 points will not only affect the working efficiency of the hydraulic lifting platform, but in severe cases, it will even be the main cause of the accident in Chengdu. I hope everyone will be alert.
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