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The main structure of the electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-15
The main structure of the electric lifting platform The main structure and function of the electric lifting platform: The mechanical part of the electric lifting cage platform mainly includes three parts: the lifting device, the track device and the belt changing device. The lifting device is mainly used to suspend the lifted person, which is the whole mechanism The core part, the main function of the track device is to provide a moving track to make the operation more smooth. The belt change device is used to switch the track when the elevator is going to pass through the door. device The internal structure of the lifting device is mainly composed of gear mechanism, bracket, worm gear, guide mechanism, boom, upper and lower shells, etc. Gear mechanism The gear mechanism mainly includes large and small gears, a winding wheel, a middle shaft, and a safety device composed of a stop buckle and a torsion spring. Closed gear transmission is selected. The large and small gears are made of steel. After quenching and tempering, they belong to soft tooth surface. Since the common failure mode of closed soft tooth surface gear transmission is tooth surface pitting, the design is based on tooth surface contact fatigue The strength calculation is checked according to the bending fatigue strength of the tooth root. Bracket Bracket is used to fix and support all the mechanical parts and some electrical components inside the lifting cage cabinet. It is mainly welded by side plates, connecting pipes and connecting pieces. The materials are all selected. The thickness of the two side plates is at the same time in order to reduce For the weight of the bracket, many craft holes are designed on both sides of the board. Worm gear and worm gear have the advantages of large transmission ratio, compact structure, small impact load, smooth transmission and low noise, and have the characteristics of reverse self-locking. It can be ensured that the transmission mechanism can be self-locked when the motor is powered off during the process of transporting the patient, so the worm gear reducer is selected. The involute worm is made of steel, and its spiral surface is quenched to improve transmission efficiency and increase wear resistance. The worm gear is made of polyoxymethylene. Plastic worm gear has the advantages of good processing economy, smooth transmission, vibration absorption and noise reduction, light weight, wear resistance and self-lubricating, which makes the design of the elevator more humane. Guide mechanism The guide mechanism is mainly composed of a guide plastic tube, a guide bracket, a compression spring, a safety plug, a guide shell, a guide shaft and other parts. It is a half-sectional view of the guide mechanism. A narrow gap is formed between the two guide plastic tubes. The belt extends out of the box body from this narrow slit to prevent the cloth belt from rolling up and play a guiding role. The safety plug is supported by a guide bracket and a compression spring. In order to prevent the compression spring from losing stability after being stressed, a small guide rod is designed on the safety plug. The gap between the small guide rod and the spring is designed with reference to the table. The boom shaft is welded, and two boom hooks are installed at both ends. The materials are selected and quenched and tempered. Together with the hooks of the lower shell of the box body, three suspension points are formed, and the lifter is lifted by the soft support sling , The load-bearing capacity of the boom, in order to enable the lifted person to be in a comfortable state when riding, the reference table for the distance between the two boom hooks lists the relevant data of the horizontal size as a design reference. The balance bar is used to maintain the balance of the lifting device. It is designed as a hollow tube, which reduces the overall weight of the boom. 116.
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