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The maintenance of reducer for building hoist material and passenger elevator

The maintenance of reducer for building hoist material and passenger elevator


1. Refuel  the reducer


First, open the oil inlet, remove the oil drain bolt, release the waste oil in the reducer, then clean reducer box, install the oil drain bolt. 


Second, add lubricating oil conforming to "Construction Lift Lubricant Selection Table" to the reducer from the oil inlet.


Third, install oil inlet to complete refueling reducer.


Pay attention: refueling should be carried out when the machine is stopped and the reducer temperature drops to normal temperature to avoid scald.



2.Daily maintenance of reducer


In use, each reducer should be inspected by the responsible person every day. When the temperature rises significantly, more than 80°C or the oil temperature exceeds 100°C, the quality of the oil decreases or more copper powder is  found in the oil and there is abnormal noise is, it should be stopped immediately, repaired in time, replaced with lubricating oil.


When refueling,  the amount of oil should be correct.


Check the clearance between the gear and rack and adjust it regularly, and regularly add lithium grease for lubrication. Reinforce the bolts at the joints regularly



3. The reducer gear must be flexible when it is rotated by hand after installation, without jam.



4.The reducer and the motor are connected with a shaft connector, make sure  proper alignment between the motor out shaft and the input shaft of the reducer, and the error shall not be greater than the allowable value of the shaft coupling.



5.Make sure that the synchronous speed of each input motor should be basically the same when the reducer is mounted on the transmission plate.



6.Make sure that the clearance between the gear and rack on each reducer is consistent when the transmission plate is installed into the hoisting cage.

And when rotating a week, the clearance between each drive gear and rack is uniform and consistent.

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