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The mobile scissor lift platform has a favorable price and is installed on site

by:Powerston     2021-06-02
·Scissor lifting cage platform is a multi-purpose machine that can be used vertically both indoors and outdoors; ·It can be widely used in mechanical installation in stations, wharfs, airports, bridges, halls, and workshops. Equipment maintenance, building maintenance. ·The machine has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful appearance, stable lifting cage, and can greatly improve work efficiency. It is well received by users. ·The machine is also called a flexible limb frame, a movable elevator, and can work in various environments. If the mobile scissor construction lift platform is matched with a manual pump, it will become a manual hydraulic lift once it is matched. It can work in the field or in places without power. It is an ideal machine for flammable areas such as the petroleum industry, chemical industry, oil depot, and grain depot. . ·The main frame is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular pipe, which is strong and durable. ·The inclined cylinder design is adopted, and the inclined cylinder support can reduce the force of the boom, thereby increasing the service life of the boom. ·There are oil-free bearings in the joints of the elevator. Grease nipple is added to the center pin, side pin and ear pin of the boom, which is convenient for filling grease, lubricating the joints and increasing the service life. ·There is a manual lowering device on the hydraulic station. In the case of a sudden power failure of the construction lift, the manual lowering device can be used to manually lower the lift. ·The hydraulic station has an overload pressure relief device. When the construction lift is overloaded, it will automatically release the pressure, and it will not rise to prevent problems caused by the overload of the lift. ·The button cassette is equipped with an emergency stop button, which can be used for emergency stop when there is an emergency. ·The hydraulic station of the lift adopts an integral power unit, which is beautiful in appearance, low in noise, easy to replace and has strong universality.
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