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The Most Important Accessory of Electric Gondola Platform

The Most Important Accessory of Electric Gondola Platform


Safety lock is the most important accessory of electric working platform. It is installed on the frame of gondola platform with safety wire tope passing though. When rising normally, the safety lock can be lifted or lowered along the safe wire rope.

Safety lock can lock safety wire rope when wire rope fractures or working platform tilts 3°-8° to avoid the electric working platform falling down. When the traction wire rope gets stuck, breaks, slips out of hoist or platform tilts, safety lock will automatically lock wire rope within 100mm. All structure of safety lock is zinc coated, it is anti-corrosion, easy to use, safe and reliable.

Before operation, we must check whether the distance of lock rope and the height difference between two ends of bottom surface meet standard. If safety lock exceeds demarcation period, it should be returned to factory for maintenance and re-calibration. Safety lock should not be damaged or forcibly disassembled without authorization. Check whether both ends of wire rope are in the middle of bottom of wheel groove of safety lock.

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