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The Reason Why Suspended Platform Can Not Overloaded

The Reason Why Suspended Platform Can Not Overloaded


Suspended working platform is widely used in high-rise building construction, cleaning, outer insulation project. When the working height and the front beam extension length exceeds the specified range, the load capacity must be reduced, if the wind is large, also need to consider the impact of wind pressure. The stipulation is must guarantee stability of suspension mechanism counter weight, torque must two times bigger than the weight of working platform, wire rope, hanging weight, rated load and the overturning torque caused by the wind.

When suspended working platform is overloaded, especially wind is large, if wire rope can not bear wind resistance, it will break, and working platform will fall down. So operators must avoid overload for safety in use.

The number of people on working platform is not fixed, in general is carrying two people, however, suspended platform can be fitted to different projects. How many people it can carry is based on load capacity, also depends on the platform length, and the weight of inside carrying materials should be calculated as long as it does not exceed the specified load.

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