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The solution to the oil leakage of the guide rail lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-24
The rail-type lifting cage platform has oil leakage during use, so how should we deal with the oil leakage of the rail-type lifting platform? On this issue, the guide rail lifting cage platform editor will take you to understand in detail. 1. The hydraulic oil is operated in a closed environment. The pressure of the oil pumping station to be injected into the cylinder is generally greater than or equal to 12pa. The hydraulic oil is suppressed and the friction of the cylinder will generate heat. The heating and swelling oil filling station pump exerts pressure on the hydraulic oil. If the seal is not tight, hydraulic oil will leak. 2. Excessive oil pipes and joints will increase oil leakage. The pressure in the tubing is generally 12pa, and the tubing joints are generally connected by tee and paired wires. The diameter of the tubing inner wall is about 9mm, while the inner diameter of the joint is no more than 7mm. If the inner pipe of the oil circuit is too long, the number of joints will increase the probability of oil leakage. 3. Long-term operation of the equipment, changes in oil quality, and lax maintenance and repair will cause dirt on the inner wall of the pipeline and increase the pressure in the oil circuit. The aging of the wire, the composite pad between the joints, and the sealing ring will increase the chance of oil leakage. Solution: If you don't know how to deal with the oil leakage of the guide rail type lifting cage platform, you can use polymer composite material and curing agent to deal with the oil leakage first. Then analyze the cause of the oil spill. The above is the reason why the rail-type lifting platform may have oil leakage. We can analyze the reason and control it for maintenance and treatment.
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