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The tires of the mobile lifting platform need to be inspected regularly

by:Powerston     2021-07-17
The tires of the mobile lifting cage platform need to be checked regularly. The tires of the mobile lifting cage platform should be part of the regular inspection of the equipment, and should be listed as one of the main inspection items.    It is necessary to confirm whether the lifting platform is not loaded before the formal tire inspection And the safe state of stopping. No matter what type of inspection is performed, as long as you need to work around the platform, it is best to ensure that it is in an empty state. If you must work around the loaded equipment, especially when the platform is stopped or restarted Stand in a safe area farther away.    First check the tire sidewall and write down the tire serial number, check the air pressure, second observe whether the surface of the surface is evenly worn, and look for any damage that may reach the crown wire layer, and third check the tire The depth of the tread pattern, measure the center of the tread and the inner and outer values u200bu200bof the tire to check the inside of the tire.    The damaged tire can be used for minor damage. The inspection of the rim needs to check whether there is crack or serious damage, and whether the rim nut is properly tightened. Hydraulic lifting cage platform After stopping for a long time, check when the tire temperature is low. The larger the tire size, the longer it takes to stop. If the measured air pressure differs from the standard pressure by more than 10%, it must be corrected as soon as possible. The valve needs to be clear before the inspection. Clean the end of the valve nozzle to prevent clogging.
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