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The use environment of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-12
In the field of high-altitude operations, mobile hydraulic lifting platforms have also become the most common type of high-altitude operation equipment, suitable for high-altitude installation, maintenance, decoration, etc., and also used for multi-storey workshops, warehouses and working floors to transport goods up and down. The mobile hydraulic lifting platform is one of the high-altitude operations field, and it is also the most widely used, most popular and most sold operation equipment. Of course, in the field of high-altitude operations, there are many kinds, some of them carry more than 5 tons, and the elevation ranges from 10 meters to tens of meters, and what we are talking about here is the movement that carries 300 kg to 500 kilograms, and the elevation is within 20 meters. Hydraulic lifting platform. And this kind of high-altitude operation is usually the most used high-altitude equipment in the market. So what should be paid attention to when using these devices? The mechanical editor combines the actual situation of this product and the characteristics of the mobile hydraulic lifting platform to share this experience for the majority of friends. 1. The tall occasion What is the tall occasion? Some friends will ask about high-end, atmospheric, and high-end places and buildings. However, the mobile hydraulic lifting platform is not suitable for such occasions because of its large size and rises. It is usually used in factories and workshops. In such occasions, customers can consider aluminum alloy lifting platforms. 2. Harsh environment In certain harsh environments, such as typhoons, rainstorms, snow and other harsh natural environments, due to high-altitude operations, accidents are prone to occur under these harsh environments, causing casualties and property losses! 3. Flammable and explosive Use in some places where there are flammable gas and other flammable and explosive materials. If this is really necessary, you can use a manual oil pump, especially in such flammable gas and flammable and explosive places. , The electric start hydraulic lifting platform is easy to cause explosion, so try to avoid or take protective measures. 4. Uneven ground. The most taboo of mobile hydraulic lifting platform is the unevenness of the operation site. It is difficult to fix the four supporting legs to achieve balance. In this case, it is best not to operate. Only if the ground is stable, the operation will have a sense of safety. ! The above four points are some of the situations and experiences encountered when using the mobile hydraulic lifting platform. I also hope that it will be helpful to give you some understanding. More exciting content: Recycling of fixed hydraulic lifting cage platforms
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