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The use method of lifting platform truck and the problems to be noticed

by:Powerston     2021-10-08
Introduce the use of a special lifting cage platform vehicle and the application of a special lifting cage platform vehicle. The use of an explosion-proof lifting platform vehicle! An explosion-proof lifting cage platform vehicle for off-road vehicles, do not drive on the road. Before the explosion-proof lifting platform vehicle, check the set voltage readings and control Whether the moving direction system is normal. Before the explosion-proof hoist starts, put the switch in the neutral position, then turn the key switch, select the high selector switch, release the parking brake, and step on the accelerator pedal (it is forbidden to step on the accelerator pedal), The car can be driven. The parking brake must be on the right side before control. It is forbidden to move. The name damages the brake, motor and controller. It is strictly forbidden to step on the pedal to avoid damage to the accelerator and controller. When leaving the car or parking, the Move/exit switch (gear) to the middle and turn the key. Check the battery electrolyte once a week (the height of the standard cold liquid level is 10 ~ 15mm or more for the battery plate), and no additional liquid should be added. Distilled water is necessary Control, acceleration, dashboard, DC converter, CD player, charger. The flat car battery of the explosion-proof winch can often see the connection cracking, one row can be loose, with or without molds, etc., the cable should be removed, such as Yes, unscrew the column nut, clean it with a copper wire brush, wipe it with a dry cloth, and then apply petroleum jelly and anti-rust oil, otherwise it will cause vehicle circuit failure. The explosion-proof lifting platform is parked for a long time and the frequency of use is low, so it should be charged. The battery should be charged and protected monthly to ensure the normal power supply of the vehicle. Safe driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, explosion-proof lifting platform should not be driven at high speed, slow down when turning to avoid safety accidents.
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