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The working principle and advantages of the stepping motor of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-11
The platform stepper motor is an electrical device, the rotation of the motor is divided into separate parts, called a stepper motor. Generally, these motors are brushless to facilitate synchronous rotation and operation without the need for external sources of the gear itself. They use electromagnets to arrange their shafts in different places for each tooth. These teeth match the teeth and are placed on the gear itself. During the gear rotation of the lifting cage platform, part of the first electromagnet with matching teeth is used to offset the teeth from the other electromagnets and repeat this operation. The general principle of a stepper motor is to rotate to a specific stage each time. By turning on and off the electromagnet, the phase control of the stepping motor of each lifting cage platform is repeated. This means that using different direct current (direct current) motors, with brushes and voltage control, the lifting platform platform only needs to be charged into the motor shaft itself. In the equipment design, there are three kinds of stepping motor control mechanisms. One format is to use permanent magnets located on the inner rotor to control electromagnets through hydraulic lifting cage gears that create attraction and repulsion. Other uses of the magnetic shaft itself are essentially pulling the gears to the opposite shaft in the opposite way. Another design is to use a combination of gear and shaft magnetic reaction technology. Some negative characteristics of stepper motors are very unique in the field of motion control. First, the stepper motor drive requires a constant power source. In addition, as the gear speed of the physical device increases, the actual torque decreases. This creates a state where the motor starts to vibrate, which can only be controlled by increasing the damping of the shaft itself. One way to mitigate this overall effect is to add more electromagnetic systems, increase the number of steps, and reduce vibration.
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