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The working principle and characteristics of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-23
The function of the lifting platform is how to meet the lifting and lowering of goods. Due to the simple structure, convenient operation and reliable operation of the lifting platform, it is gradually replacing the mechanical elevator and becoming the main model of the elevator. The main function of the proposed lifting platform of the system is to board the bridge according to the situation. In order to ensure the safety of the work operation, the bridge deck shall not have other overloads during the work process of the boarding bridge. When the designated height is reached, loading and unloading operations will begin on the deck of the boarding bridge. From this working condition, we can know that the main technical requirements of the boarding bridge system are: to ensure that the system has enough lifting or lifting force to construction lift the weight of the bridge. To ensure that the system must have sufficient synchronization accuracy for the two cylinders during the lifting operation. The system meets the speed requirements for upgrading during lifting operations. The working conditions of the lifting cage platform are analyzed in detail, and on this basis, the design calculation basis and system principle of this type of lifting platform are proposed. Then, before the installation of the lifting cage platform, the components of the lifting platform should be checked. Whether each safety device is complete, whether the installation position is correct, firm, and reliable; whether there are any factors that affect the safe operation in the installation environment of the lifting platform. The completeness and integrity of metal structures such as guide rails and cages; the assembly accuracy and contact length of gears and speed limiters of the transmission system; whether the main circuit and control circuit of electrical equipment meet the national product standards; basic location and practices Whether it meets the design requirements of the product; whether the concrete strength and bolt holes of the attached wall bracket meet the installation conditions; whether the limit switches are sensitive. mtgx/95.
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