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Tower cranes follow the principle of modular system

Tower cranes follow the principle of modular system


Tower crane follows the principle of modular system to each partition is divided into several modules, selects the appropriate module components with different technical performance characteristics of tower crane, respectively, in order to meet the specific needs of construction, the tower crane for combined tower crane will help speed up the tower crane product development progress, save cost of product development, and can provide better service for the customer.

Tower crane is mainly used for building construction materials in the vertical and horizontal transportation and installation of building components, tower crane technology development perspective, while the new product emerge in endlessly, new products in the production efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance and reliable operation were increased, but the tower crane technology, there is no fundamental change, the study of the tower crane is developing toward combined, is the tower structure as the core, according to the structure and function characteristics of the towers are decomposed into several parts.

Tower crane bearing capacity of the former than the latter, in many of the construction site is that we see on the rotary on jack-up add section high tower crane, fixed tower crane tower fixed don't turn, installed on the basis of the whole piece of concrete, or installed on the basis of the form X to concrete, according to the use of experience and technology development to upgrade the existing tower crane design, to improve performance, reduce manufacturing cost or reduce the operation cost.

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