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Transportation process of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-11
As the hydraulic lifting platform has a variety of models, specifications, parameters, etc., which can meet the needs of different types of enterprises, the market development space is vast and the potential is huge. More and more enterprises and institutions have further increased the demand for hydraulic loading and unloading platforms due to business development and cargo operation. The hydraulic lifting platform just meets this demand. The customer customizes the hydraulic lifting platform. After discussing with the manufacturer’s representative or salesperson, the deposit is delivered and the manufacturer will deliver the goods to the factory. There is no need to worry about other things. Therefore, there is very little knowledge about transportation and loading and unloading, and the equipment is purchased by yourself. Yes, if there is a certain amount of safety and damage caused by improper loading and unloading, it will eventually lead to their own losses. Therefore, it is very important to understand this and go to the factory for inspection. Next, the hydraulic lifting cargo lifting platform manufacturer’s machinery will give you a detailed introduction to the precautions for cargo transportation: First, after the equipment is customized according to customer needs, it needs to be loaded and transported to the customer site. Because the production base and customer demand have certain requirements The distance, some are in the same city, some are too far apart and the way of transportation is different, but no matter what, safe loading and unloading is very important. Forklift and crane loading and unloading must be smoothly transitioned, and the loading site needs special personnel to command. To prevent accidental collapse and cause personal injury, after the loading is completed, check whether it is fully installed and whether there are any parts and other materials forgotten or missing. Use a rope to tie up the equipment and fix it on the car to avoid shaking from side to side. Second, during transportation, pay attention to the road conditions, check whether the rope is loose, whether the equipment is swaying, and avoid the loss and fall of equipment parts and accessories due to vehicle vibration. Third, to reach the customer site, the customer's on-site cooperation is required, such as forklifts, labor, etc., and the plant personnel should also guide when unloading the equipment to prevent accidents from slipping and causing equipment losses. It is best to proceed steadily and safety first. Fourth, the equipment has landed safely. This is the customer's need to verify whether the equipment tonnage, size, parameters, accessories, etc. are complete, whether there is any omission, whether there is damage, etc., after the inspection is completed, sign and sign for receipt. The next step is the on-site construction and installation of the equipment. The entire transportation of the goods from the manufacturer to the installation site is completed. After the above introduction, have you suddenly realized it? You have a detailed understanding of the transportation process of the hydraulic lifting cage platform. Specializing in the production of hydraulic lifting platforms, lifting cargo lifting platforms, and lifting cage Platform, users are welcome to come to consult. More exciting content: The price of fixed hydraulic lifting cage platform The method to improve the safety of aerial work platform
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