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Treatment When Electric Suspension Platform Cradle Tilt Happened

Treatment When Electric Suspension Platform Cradle Tilt Happened


When vertical inclination angle of suspension platform cradle is too large during the process of rising or falling, the switch on electrical box should be stopped in time and rotated to low operating gear, then press rising button until suspension platform cradle is close to horizontal state.

Suspension platform with anti-tilting safety lock can automatically lock and flat platform cradle. If suspension platform cradle needs to be adjusted for more than two times during the whole one-way operation, it should be lowed to ground, check and adjust electromagnetic brake, then test the synchronous performance of hoist.

In case of emergency in the process of working at high altitude, the staff can be evacuated to remotely control the suspension platform and lower it, so that even if there is any accident in operation, it will not hurt workers.

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