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Troubleshooting of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-14
Hydraulic lifting platform plays an important role in our lives, but in long-term use, we need to encounter these failures. The following machinery introduces solutions for hydraulic elevator platform failures. 1. The construction lift of the mobile hydraulic lifting platform seems unable or unable to construction lift the workbench. 1. Overload; the elimination method is to reduce the load. 2. The oil return valve is not closed. The troubleshooting method is to tighten the oil return valve. 3. The check valve of the manual pump is stuck and the oil return is abnormal. The elimination method is to repair, clean and replace clean hydraulic oil. 4. The manual pump and gear pump have serious oil leakage; the gear pump is damaged, and there is no pressure in oil production; the hydraulic oil is insufficient; the circuit is blocked; the filter is blocked; the support valve or the reversing valve is faulty; the solenoid coil input voltage is insufficient; the solenoid coil is burned out; . These are all factors that cause the workbench of the mobile hydraulic lifting platform to be unable to rise or fall, so the solution is to replace the seal ring, replace the gear pump, add enough hydraulic oil, repair the electrical system, replace or clean, repair or replace. 2. The second step. Oil leakage of hydraulic elevator: loose joints; damaged sealing ring. The elimination method is to replace the joint scissors when tightening the oil leakage. three. Mobile elevator workbench slips: the shut-off valve is not tightly closed, and the connection or connection with the valve is leaking; the method of disassembly is to tighten the shut-off valve or repair and tighten or replace the sealing ring. 4. The mobile lifting platform is unstable when the lifting cage platform is lowered. 1. Load overload, the way to eliminate it is to reduce the load. 2. The second step. The eccentric load is serious, and the method to eliminate it is to adjust the concentrated load. three. In the refueling pipeline, the elimination method is to add enough hydraulic oil. 4. If the oil is dirty, the solution is to replace the hydraulic oil.
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