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Types and functions of aluminum alloy lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-09-01
The overall use of high-strength aluminum products due to high-strength distribution, has beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, compact structure, convenient movement, stable lifting platform, convenient operation, safe and reliable, making high-altitude operations more convenient and quick, fast and slow walking, Adjustable speed is ideal for high-altitude operation equipment for efficient and safe production of modern enterprises. The main products are single-column aluminum alloy, double-column aluminum alloy, and multi-column aluminum alloy lifting platform. Features: high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material, beautiful appearance , Small size, light weight, stable lifting, safe and reliable. Its lightness and lightness can exert the maximum lifting capacity in a small space. The column lifting system has the characteristics of large load, strong stability, large platform area, and easy implementation. Uses: Single-column aluminum alloy lifting platform: This series of products is an indoor type, which is widely used in star hotels, such as the lobby of the large supermarket industry. The high-altitude operation in the factory has a balance, is convenient to operate, can enter the lobby, and can freely enter and exit. Platform, low power consumption, no pollution, work does not harm the earth, can be used for walls and work, work without dead ends. The single-column aluminum alloy lifting platform is equipped with gantry straddle accessories, which is very suitable for the maintenance of theaters, auditoriums, churches, etc. Work. The gantry span is simple to assemble, easy to operate, flexible to move, and can be extended to 1.1m-high fixed seat and other obstacles, and can be operated stably. The production of high-strength rectangular steel pipes has good rigidity and stable performance. Equipped with universal casters, Flexible movement. The cross range can be adjusted at both ends, which can be applied to the requirements of different obstacles. Both ends can be adjusted vertically and can be used for a certain slope of a slope or a step. Walking auxiliary double mast lifting: different working capabilities, no external power supply, mobile Flexible, easy to operate, and free to construction lift, only one person can complete forward, backward, steering, fast, slow walking and up and down movement, saving work and saving energy. Especially suitable for stations, terminals, airports, stadiums, large enterprises, etc. Large-scale high-altitude operations are the most ideal high-altitude operations equipment at home. This series of products is a double-mast lifting cage system with strong stability and other characteristics.
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