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Types and precautions for the procurement of accessories for electric lifts

by:Powerston     2021-06-06
If you are interested in the structure of the electric elevator before, you will definitely find that the elevator is composed of many accessories, many of which are not produced by the elevator manufacturer. This needs to go to the outsourcing manufacturer to purchase. Today I will tell you about the elevator. Please pay attention to the manufacturers of these parts when buying elevators in the future, and distinguish the quality of the elevators. 1. The hydraulic station of the electric lift is the main component of the lift. The hydraulic station of the construction lift has domestic and imported ones. There are many domestic hydraulic station manufacturers. Among them, the quality is relatively reliable, such as Lisheng, Tetra Pak, etc., and imported hydraulic stations. The manufacturer is mainly Italian Haipu hydraulic station is the best. 2. Electrical components, as long as the electrical components are brand-name products, there will be basically no quality problems, such as Renmin, Delixi, Chint and other brand products. 3. Cylinders and elevator cylinders are used frequently, preferably imported seals. Manufacturers Hengyu, Daewoo, Blacksmith, etc. are relatively mature domestic brands. 4. The main purchasers of paint for elevators are Chenhong, Lehua, etc. The components of the electric elevator determine the overall quality of the elevator. If the quality of the accessories is not good, the elevator will have quality problems, which will affect the user's use. Therefore, everyone must strictly control the quality when purchasing accessories to ensure the production of high-quality elevators. .
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