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u200bHow should the hydraulic lifting platform be installed with steel pipes?

by:Powerston     2021-08-28
How should the hydraulic lifting platform install steel pipes? With the gradual rise of the construction industry now, hydraulic lifting platforms have become an indispensable part of the construction industry. The installation of steel pipes in the hydraulic lifting platforms is also a very technical test. Then let our editor teach you how to go. Install it.  1) During installation, the steel pipe joints and flanges of the hydraulic lifting platform must be inspected for quality. If any defects are found, the joints and flanges are forbidden to be used and should be replaced, cleaned with fire oil and blown with air.  2) When installing the steel pipe of the hydraulic lifting platform, blow the pipe that has been pickled with air.  3) Measure piping dimensions. The position of the steel pipe hydraulic valve table, hydraulic pump station, main engine, auxiliary equipment and related parts of the hydraulic lifting platform that has been in place should be measured carefully and strived for accuracy. For the pipes with many tortuous parts and messy shapes between the joints, one should be made first. Model, and then cut the tube according to the scale or model. 4) To check the quality of the pipe, it is necessary to find out whether the material, size and quality of the steel pipe of the hydraulic lifting cage platform meet the planning rules; check whether the appearance of the pipe is severely flattened or twisted; check whether there are signs of corrosion on the inner and outer walls of the pipe. Are there shortcomings such as cracks? If there is a tube that does not meet the requirements of the regulations or has a serious defect, it shall not be used.  5) The steel pipes and pipes of the hydraulic lifting platform must be arranged reasonably according to the planning drawings or actual measurements. The above is our editor's introduction to you about the installation precautions of hydraulic lifting platforms. I hope our introduction can be helpful to you. If you want to learn more about hydraulic lifting platforms, you can browse our website, We will provide you with more professional information. mtgx/126.
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