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Under what circumstances can the rail type lifting platform not be lifted?

by:Powerston     2021-08-22
Under what circumstances can the guide rail lifting platform not be able to carry out lifting cage operations. With the rapid development of urban construction in recent years, the application of guide rail lifting platforms has become more and more extensive. In the actual operation process, some overlooked problems often occur, leading Mechanical accidents happen from time to time. In order to prevent the occurrence of these hidden dangers, we must attach great importance to it. In some environments with potential safety hazards, lifting cage operations must not be carried out. The specific summary is as follows: First, it is strictly forbidden to start operating when no one is commanding or the command signal is incorrect. The second mechanical equipment is forbidden to operate if there are defects or safety devices are malfunctioning. The third overload lifting is prohibited or the quality of the equipment is not clear. operation is strictly prohibited. Fourth, it is absolutely prohibited to construction lift when someone is standing on or under the hanging object. The fifth environment is that the optical fiber is dark and cannot be lifted if the actual object cannot be seen clearly. The sixth lifting object has sharp edges and corners. No safety measures have been taken. It is strictly forbidden to construction lift 108.
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