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Using management of electric construction lift building hoist

Using management of electric construction lift building hoist


In the modern construction, the construction lift building hoist has been widely used because its excellent performance. However, due to the negligence of safety issues and the management is not scientific, a variety of construction lift safety accidents are increasing. Therefore, relevant units must attach importance to and actively take preventive measures to improve and solve.

Analysis of the reasons  leading to the construction elevator accident

A.  The anti-falling safety device is out of order

Anti-falling safety device is an important safety protection component to ensure the smooth lifting and falling of the construction elevator in the working process, and its safety performance is closely related to the life safety of the crew. Therefore, when using anti-falling safety device, we must first check whether it has qualified factory test certificate. Secondly, since the qualified inspection of the anti-fall safety device only has a validity period of one year, the anti-fall safety device must be sent for inspection in time during its use.

B.   Limit switches lose efficiency

Construction elevator limit switches includes top and limit switch, hanging cage threshold position switch, limit switch, fence threshold position switch, upper and lower limit switch, to prevent broken rope protection switch, etc., as long as there is a limit switch function failure, is a safety hazard, are likely to cause evil omen accident or safety accident.

C.  The connection between the wall bracket and the mast section is not firmly

Generally speaking, the operation of construction engineering, construction environment is relatively bad, if the installation personnel working attitude is not serious, missed the installation of the connection bolt attached to the wall frame and standard section, or the installation is not tight, or the bolt loose but did not check out, will lead to accidents.

D.  Accidents caused by frequent operation

In the construction site, in order to meet the requirements of the construction progress, the lift is generally in the state of frequent operation, such a long period of uninterrupted use, often lead to motor heating, the ultimate failure, thus resulting in safety accidents. Therefore, the lift management staff and drivers must take into account the intermittent operation design of the motor, and the use of the lift should be rationally scheduled to maximize the role of equipment while ensuring safety.

E.  No security doors for docking on the floors

It is necessary to set up security doors for docking on floors. Relevant building construction regulations require that the height of security doors must be greater than or equal to 1.8 meters, and must be equipped with effective interlocking devices. However, from the current actual construction situation, there are many construction enterprises do not attach much importance to the installation and use of the protective door of the floor of the lift, the safety door can be opened at will, leading to the frequent occurrence of safety construction.

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