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Wear and tear of electric lifting platform parts and matters needing attention

by:Powerston     2021-08-14
Wear and tear of electric lifting platform parts and matters needing attention. The wear of electric lifting platform is normal, but how we should cherish our electric lifting cage platform is the key:    1. The wear of mechanical equipment is usually divided into three periods. During the period, due to the rough appearance of the conflict pair and slight errors in the shape and installation, the smoothness was poor, the normal load was large, and the appearance of the conflict pair was worn quickly, which also depends on the situation of the conflict pair.  2. During the period of normal wear, the conflict pair cooperation tends to be normal, the wear tends to be normal, the conflict is minimal, and the wear is the smallest. Through long-term operation, when the wear reaches a certain amount, the limit wear period is entered, and the wear amount increases sharply. 3. There will be conflicts if there is mechanical movement of the mobile electric lifting cage platform. The conflicts must be worn. The wear follows three rules: that is, the volumetric wear is proportional to the relative sliding interval of the conflict pair; it is proportional to the normal load; and it is compliant. Strength or hardness is inversely proportional. Mechanical theory and experiments indicate that there is very little connection between the wear rate and conflict factors. Usually, the conflict factors differ by one order of magnitude, while the wear rate can differ by three orders of magnitude. Therefore, the change of the conflict factor can be neglected. The use of electric lifting cage platform should be noted 1. It is strictly forbidden to use it with overload. The designer designs the production drawings according to the actual load capacity, and determines the materials according to the theoretical load capacity. Overload operation will cause the struts to deform and damage the mechanical parts of the electric lifting platform. 2. The disadvantage of prohibiting eccentric load operation is that it is easy to cause serious wear on one side of the guide wheel, and over time will cause one side of the guide wheel to break. 3. It is forbidden to carry people. The cargo construction lift is used to transport goods and is not allowed to carry people. We should make reasonable use of hydraulic and electric lifting platforms to achieve small details and achieve three inaccuracies. 131.
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