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What are the abnormal signs of the hydraulic system of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-24
What abnormal signs often appear in the hydraulic system of the lifting platform? Here are the staff of the lifting cage platform manufacturer to introduce to customers and friends. 1. There are abnormal sounds, such as pumps, motors, overflow valves and other parts. The hydraulic motors for slewing, walking, and hoisting, as well as the cylinders of various working devices, appear speed drops and weakness. 2. The oil tank hydraulic pressure drops and the oil deteriorates. There is oil leakage on the external surface of the hydraulic components, and the oil temperature is too high. Pipeline damage, vibration and looseness. Scorching smell, etc. 3. All these phenomena of the lifting platform, as long as you pay attention to them during use, can be found by naked eyes, hand touch, nose smell. The user should find out the cause of the failure according to the necessary theory and practical experience through this kind of on-site inspection, so as to repair it as soon as possible. 4. When the hydraulic system of the lifting platform fails, in most cases, it is not easy to find the fault location immediately. Because in the hydraulic system, the various components and auxiliary devices and the oil are mostly enclosed in the casing and pipeline, which cannot be directly observed like a mechanical transmission, and it is not as convenient as a circuit in terms of measurement. 5. In addition, the system can only show malfunctions when it is running, and the root cause of a certain malfunction can have several possibilities. The unique concealment and complexity of this hydraulic system failure is very obvious with the complexity of the system and the increase in the number of hydraulic components. This brings difficulty to inspection and troubleshooting, and it is often impossible to accurately determine the cause of the failure at one time. It is necessary to repeatedly analyze and check until the cause of the failure is found. The staff of Guoqi Company will give customers and friends We introduce what abnormal signs often appear in the hydraulic system of the lifting platform, hoping to better help drivers and friends during construction
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