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What are the accessories of the aerial work platform and what is the purpose?

by:Powerston     2021-08-29
The aerial work platform manufacturer machinery will explain to you today what are the components of the aerial work platform. Generally, there are 5 kinds of main parts for aerial work platforms, 19 kinds of auxiliary parts, and other parts can be added as needed. First, the main accessories (1) Pole. There are two specifications for the pole to stagger the joints. (2) Ejector. It is the top pole of the support frame, on which a bearing or a bracket can be installed, and there are also two specifications. A pair of bowl joints are arranged on the vertical pole and the ejector pole every 600mm. The upright rod and the top rod can cooperate to form a high support frame for people. (3) Crossbar. It is the horizontal support pole of the shelf, there are five specifications. (4) Inclined bar. Used as a diagonal pulling and pressing rod for a shelf. (5) Bearing. It is used to support the base of the upright pole or as the support for the top support of the support frame. There are two forms of a point and an adjustable seat. Second, auxiliary components (1) Lay side rails. It is a horizontal load-bearing crossbar with a plug for use with ordinary aerial work platforms of non-specified length. The end is placed on the wing edge of the side crossbar to prevent it from moving. (2) Intermediate bar. It is equivalent to the middle-span row of wood in the fastener, which can be installed on any part of the horizontal load-bearing crossbar to meet the needs of supporting the bottom plate. It has three specifications, all of which have a frame width of 1.2m as the base, two of which have protruding ends of 0.3m or 0.6m respectively for laying the aerial work platform against the wall. (3) Take the crossbar between the sides. Used in conjunction with side rails. (4) Pick the beam. Used to expand the operating platform. The above content is the main components of the aerial work platform accessories summarized by the professional and research, production and sales aerial work platform manufacturer hydraulic machinery editor. I hope that it will help you to further understand the aerial work platform. More exciting content recommended: How to ensure the stability of the hydraulic lifting cage platform when the lifting cage height is too high? Thank you for visiting the website of Machinery. If you have any questions, you can call us and we will do our best to provide you with quality service. 24 hours technical support: Email:
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