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What are the advantages of electric lift equipment?

by:Powerston     2021-06-05
With the development of technology from time to time, the electric elevator is also perfected from time to time. Keeping up with the trend of the times, its remarkable performance has become the reason for people's attention. This is not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because of its The characteristics of safety and efficiency, so, what are the advantages worthy of scrutiny, electric lifts and everyone to discuss together: 1. The wide classification of electric lifts, to meet the different needs of different customers, electric lifts are divided into crank-type aerial work according to the type of work Trucks, scissor-type high-altitude working platforms, rail-type electric lifts, aluminum alloy lifts, cylinder-cylinder lifts, etc. It can be widely used in stations, docks, airports, hotels, post and telecommunications, municipal gardens, grain depots, cleaning companies, public building facades, decorations, or electrical system installation repairs, etc. 2. The electric elevator has the advantages of light weight, self-propelled, electric start, self-supporting legs, simple operation, large working surface, especially the ability to overcome obstacles to high-altitude work. 3. Various options for electric lift accessories. Users can choose power methods and equipment according to their scope of use: ① Outriggers: mechanical outriggers, hydraulic outriggers, general hand-cranked outriggers, and pull-out outriggers. ②Walking: assisted with self-propelled, two-wheeled traction, self-driving, and car modification. ③The power system includes: battery DC power supply, single-phase or three-phase power supply, and diesel engine. ④Hydraulic pumping station: domestically-made electric construction lift dedicated pumping station, and Italian imported pumping station. ⑤External protection device: organ cover type, mesh type, iron plate sealed type. ⑥Control system: explosion-proof electric control system, remote control control system, PIC control system. ⑦Tire: Solid tires or pneumatic tires can be selected, and different tires can be selected according to different places. Fourth, the electric lift is an environmentally friendly lifting equipment 1. Low noise, the hydraulic system adopts hydraulic transmission, and the noise pollution is small. 2. The lifting cage is stable, which is the characteristic of the hydraulic system. Because of this, the lifting platform can give people a sense of safety during operation. 3. No pollution, the hydraulic system adopts 'zero emission' for operation, no waste is generated, green, low-carbon and energy-saving. 4. Long life. Because the transmission medium is hydraulic oil, the hydraulic system wear rate is reduced and the service life is prolonged. Conclusion: The diversified development trend of electric elevators meets the different needs of many customers. At the same time, its gradually improved performance also caters to market demand from time to time. In recent years, the sales of electric elevators have been booming. I believe that the future of electric elevators is still worth looking forward to. .
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