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What are the advantages of the manufactured hydraulic lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-07-01
With the rapid development of my country's industry, the lifting platform has come in handy. Several tons of cargo can be transported within a few minutes. It has been well received by customers. The program of 'one-button operation' makes the lifting platform It has been promoted, and its superiority is deeply appreciated by users. Guangdong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Dongguan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was established in 1998, is a manufacturer of lifting platform | lifting platform lifting platform | lifting freight elevator | hydraulic lifting platform | equipment as the main business, integrating R u0026 D, design, production, Installation and after-sales service are a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province. Since 2011, the company has participated in the development of the “Industrial Construction of Affordable Housing” project in the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan, and has been involved in the field of super high-rise core tube construction. It has obtained six invention patents and four utility model patents. In 2012, the design, manufacture and installation of the hydraulic jacking system for the core tube top mold of the Shenzhen Aerospace Science and Technology Building of the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau was completed. It laid a good foundation for the project to win the 'Luban Award'. The installation and removal of hydraulic top formwork systems for more than ten landmark buildings, including the Overseas Chinese Town Building, China Resources Headquarters Building, Zhuhai International Finance Building, and Good Finance Building, have been completed. In 2018, the company's Ru0026D team became a member of the 'Airborne Automatic Building Machine' project team of the National 13th Five-Year Plan. 1. The lifting platform has a heavy load, realizes multi-point control, and interacts and interlocks the upper and lower floors to achieve safe use.  2. The lifting cage platform adopts hydraulic control system, which makes the lifting more stable.  3. The lifting height is high, and the side-mounted cylinder or the double-test cylinder is adopted, which is stable in operation, noise-free, easy to maintain, and has a long service life.  4. The floor door can be penetrated, and the inside and outside of the workshop can be opened with each other, which is convenient and saves space.  5. The platform of the construction lift freight elevator is wide and less restrictive, and the platform can also be customized according to the needs.  6. The pumping station adopts imported pumping stations and domestically-made pumping stations. If the speed requirements are too high, use domestically-made customized pumping stations to meet the ideal delivery requirements. 7. Imported parts are used for oil cylinders and seals to solve the problem of unstable oil pressure and oil leakage of parts.  8. Manual lowering after power failure, emergency stop button, fast, convenient and practical.  9. The lifting platform is especially suitable for 2-6 storey steel structure workshops, and can be used both internally and externally.  10. The lifting platform has undergone anti-rust treatment before leaving the factory, so that the appearance can be kept beautiful for a long time, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.
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