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What are the advantages of the ultra-small mobile lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-07-03
The aluminum alloy hydraulic lifting cage platform adopts high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, flexible operation and convenient implementation. It has the advantages of stable lifting, safety and reliability. It has a light appearance and can exert a high lifting cage capacity in a very small space. In order to ensure the safety of staff and equipment, during the installation of the aluminum alloy lifting platform, the installation personnel should pay attention to the following: 1. Before entering the site, the installer should wear protective shoes, protective gloves and safety helmets. The need for climbing operations Equipped with safety belts. And take necessary personal safety protection measures. 2. After entering the site, the installer should check whether the equipment parts are complete according to the delivery list and drawings, and make a record. The person in charge of the equipment user should sign the record. 3. Before starting work, you must check whether the tools you carry are complete. Whether the protective measures are appropriate. Note: Electric tools, electric welders, etc. need to be tested for insulation performance. 4. When a temporary power supply needs to be connected to the work site, the electrician of the equipment user needs to wire or guide the wiring at the wiring site. It is strictly forbidden to wire privately without the permission of the equipment user. 5. During the installation process, warning signs should be hung when the installation site needs to be installed (for example: beware of potholes, be careful of bumps, electric hazards, etc.), and lighting should be installed at the night installation site. 6. The installation site should be cleaned up and enclosed with marked railings. Non-workers are prohibited from entering the installation site. During installation, the welding needs to be firm and reliable. When connecting to the electric control system, a full-time electrician needs to be connected. The wiring should comply with the installation specifications, and the installation process needs to be directed by a dedicated person. For outdoor installation, installation cannot be carried out under thunderstorms or bad weather with wind speeds exceeding 13m/s. 7. After the installation is completed, the welding points need to be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Before the formal power transmission and commissioning, the commissioning personnel need to check the wiring of the aluminum alloy lifting platform. Ensure that the wiring is correct. During live debugging, it is strictly forbidden to enter the aluminum alloy lifting cage platform or the platform surface to avoid accidents. 8. After the commissioning is completed, the installer shall train the operation and maintenance personnel of the aluminum alloy lifting platform so that the other party can use and maintain the lifting platform proficiently. The advantages of aluminum alloy lifting platform: lubrication-free and maintenance-free pivot, built-in lanyard fixed point. An ergonomic joystick controller that can be operated from the platform or the ground; the variable-speed motor extends the life of the battery and the motor, because the variable-speed motor only consumes the energy required for work; low noise allows the operator to work quietly Operating in the environment. The high-angle steering system has a non-slip surface. The guardrail is durable. The telescopic rail at the end can accommodate larger goods after being extended; the fault diagnosis device on the lifting platform can notify the operator of possible errors.
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