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What are the characteristics of aerial work platforms?

by:Powerston     2021-07-02
Aerial work platforms make many difficult and dangerous tasks easier, such as: indoor and outdoor cleaning (ceilings, curtain walls, glass windows, eaves, awnings, chimneys, etc.), the installation and maintenance of billboards, the installation and maintenance of street lights and traffic signs And maintenance etc. The characteristics of this high-altitude lifting cage platform are small, flexible, convenient and fast. You can use a lifting platform instead of scaffolding to reach the height you need and solve your problems. At the same time, you can also save your costs and precious time.   Aerial work platforms have the following characteristics:   1, safety certification, in line with European inspection certification, all machines are equipped with insurance. 2. SJYZ0.3-12 scissor self-propelled aerial work platform can be walked for high-altitude operations. It has the function of automatic walking. It can walk fast and slowly under different working conditions. Only one person can operate the machine when working at heights. Continuously complete lifting, forwarding, retreating, steering and other actions, which greatly improves work efficiency compared with traditional hydraulic platforms, and reduces the number of operators and labor intensity. It is especially suitable for large-scale continuous high-altitude operations such as airport terminals, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines workshops.  3. Safety protection The level alarm is installed on the machine. When the vehicle is tilted beyond a safe angle, the machine automatically enters the protection system. Only the machine is allowed to have a descending action. It can be used normally after reaching a safe state. The SJYZ0.3-12 aerial work platform is equipped with a safety board device at the lower part of the bottom car. As long as the platform is raised, the safety boards on both sides will be opened and in working condition to reduce the distance from the ground to avoid uneven ground when walking at high altitude. A tipping accident caused by unevenness. The SJYZ0.3-12 aerial work platform is equipped with an oil pipe explosion-proof system at the cylinder.   4. Infinitely variable speed SJYZ0.3-12 machine only needs one person to operate, all actions are controlled by the operating handle on the workbench, and the motor is infinitely variable speed. Effectively prolong the service life of the battery and the motor, and the motor only consumes energy during operation.  5. Large-angle steering system SJYZ0.3-12 is designed with a large-angle steering system, which makes the machine have excellent flexibility.  6. u200bu200bDisc brake system The SJYZ0.3-12 lifting platform adopts a hydraulic disc brake system. When the machine is in a stopped state, the wheels are always in a brake state and can be reliably braked at a 6-degree slope.  7. Intelligent charging system The platform is equipped with a fully automatic charger, which can automatically complete the entire charging process. When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging.   8. Extended platform The platform can be moved out, which expands the scope of work and can meet the special needs of some users.  9. Overload protection It has the function of overload protection, which has a compulsory protection function for those who are not familiar with this equipment.  10. Self-diagnosis function With self-diagnosis function, customers can quickly grasp the working status of the equipment in time and better maintain the equipment.  11. Green and environmental protection. Because the machine uses DC battery power, the machine can be safe and quiet for indoor or outdoor work.  12. Emergency device The machine is equipped with an emergency descent system.
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