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What are the characteristics of the lifting platform platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-26
The extensive use of the lifting platform has greatly improved production efficiency and has been universally recognized by all walks of life. So, what are the characteristics of the lifting platform? 1. The lifting platform is driven by a hydraulic system composed of a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic pump station. Under the same power, the load capacity is greater, and it does not consume electricity when it is lowered, and it slowly drops by its own weight. 2. As the lifting cage platform is hydraulically lifted, the inertia is small and the lifting is stable, which is suitable for large tonnage lifting. 3. The descending speed of the lifting platform can be adjusted, but it is recommended to use it within a predetermined range. 4. The hydraulic lifting platform can be used in conjunction with the assembly line, which is more convenient to operate and more efficient. 5. The lifting platform has multiple safety protection measures, such as opening the door and power off, anti-falling, etc., making the equipment safer and more reliable. 6. The use accessories of the lifting cage platform have been standardized, which is easy to replace and maintain. The above is the method of installing lighting devices on the lifting platform introduced by the editor. I hope our introduction can be helpful to you. If you want to learn more about the lifting cage platform, you can browse our website and we will To provide you with more professional information, or call our consultation hotline, we will serve you enthusiastically.
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