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What are the classification and functions of mobile elevators

by:Powerston     2021-05-29
What are the classifications and functions of mobile lifts? Mobile lifts include manual mobile lifts, electric mobile lifts, and a hand pump for use during power outages. They have the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting cage, convenient operation, and large load capacity. The lifting power is divided into 220V or 380V power supply, using foreign and domestic hydraulic pumping stations. Mainly applicable to industries such as factories, property units, shop decoration, construction, decoration, venue layout, conference centers, etc. There are many types of mobile elevators, which can be roughly divided into: traction, self-propelled, hand-push, and aluminum alloy. Four-wheel traction type elevator traction type: The product representative has two-wheel traction type and four-wheel traction type. Using external power for traction, it can be moved by trailer or diesel engine as traction power and can be used as hydraulic lifting cage power. This series of elevators have the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting, large load capacity, and convenient operation. They are widely used in factories, grain depots, etc. Various industries such as airports, gas stations, agencies, docks, field power, street lamp maintenance and building decoration. Self-propelled: Product representatives have self-propelled lifts. Its main feature is that the user can control the mechanical construction lift and drive to other working places without getting off the lifting platform. It has walking and steering drive functions without manual traction or external power supply. It is flexible and convenient to move, making high-altitude operations more convenient. Convenient and fast, it is the ideal high-altitude operation equipment for the efficient and safe production of modern enterprises. Auxiliary self-propelled hydraulic construction lift, with automatic walking function, can be in different working conditions, without external power supply, without external power traction, flexible movement, convenient operation, and free lifting. It only needs one person to complete forward, backward, steering, Fast and slow walking and up and down movements save labor and effort. It is especially suitable for large-scale high-altitude operations in stations, docks, airports, power plants, stadiums, large enterprises, etc. It is currently the most ideal high-altitude operation equipment in China. Hand-push: The product representative is a hand-push platform car. This type of lifting machinery belongs to small and medium-sized machinery. It can use two-phase, three-phase, battery or diesel engine as the moving and lifting cage power. Special places can also choose explosion-proof motors, electrical appliances, etc. The control method of the hydraulic elevator is electric up and down control lifting, hand and electric dual-purpose device control, and it can still be used in the event of a power failure. Convenient, flexible, safe and reliable. Mainly used in large warehouses, shelf goods placement and extraction. Novel design, compact structure, safe and stable. Aluminum alloy mobile: product representatives include single-column aluminum alloy elevators, double-column aluminum alloy elevators, three-column aluminum alloy elevators, and four-column aluminum alloy elevators. The newly designed new generation product is made of high-strength aluminum profiles as a whole. Due to the high strength of the profiles, the deflection and swing of the elevator are extremely small. It adopts mast structure, large load capacity, large platform area, excellent stability, flexible operation and convenient implementation. Moved by four wheels, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, balanced lifting, safety and reliability, and can be operated up and down. It is widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, airport theaters, exhibition halls and other places as maintenance equipment , Paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance, etc. You have almost understood the knowledge of mobile elevators. The mobile construction lift takes into account the convenience of movement and also considers the higher stability, the large working platform and the higher load-bearing capacity, so that the high-altitude operation range is larger and wider, and multiple people can work at the same time. It improves work efficiency and protects personal safety. It is indeed a good assistant for high-altitude operations. The above is the main classification and function of mobile elevators.
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