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What are the common problems of lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-08-24
What are the common problems of the lifting platform? The lifting platform is used to transport goods, generally in a vertical direction, so if the equipment fails to rise, it will have a relatively large impact on the production process. Therefore, we must first find the reason why the lifting platform does not rise, and then we can find a targeted solution. Through inspection, it was found that the lifting platform could not rise due to electrical reasons, such as the wrong phase sequence of the power cord, and the equipment itself lacks some protection devices, which makes it impossible to perform correct actions. Moreover, the damage of electrical components may also cause the hydraulic pressure to fail to work normally. The main manifestation is that the equipment rises differently. The application of hydraulic system to the lifting platform can be said to be the icing on the cake. We will have a deep understanding when using it. The benefits of its use are mainly in the following four aspects: 1. Low noise, hydraulic system adopts hydraulic transmission, and low noise pollution. 2. Smooth lifting is the characteristic of the hydraulic system. Because of this, the lifting platform can give people a sense of safety during operation. 3. No pollution, the hydraulic system adopts 'zero emission' for operation, no waste is generated, green and low-carbon. 4. Long life. Because the transmission medium is hydraulic oil, the hydraulic system wear rate is reduced and the service life is prolonged. The hydraulic system is applied to the lifting cage platform, which makes the mobile lifting cage platform work better. It is trusted and supported by customers. It has become a 'standard benchmark' in the field of aerial work, and it is also enduring in the sales market. Practice has proved that the application of the hydraulic system is in line To satisfy the market and people’s needs. It may also be caused by damage to the emergency stop button, the ascent limit or the limit limit, so that the main power contactor of the lifting cage platform or the contactor that controls the operation of the motor cannot be sucked in. In this state, the equipment will change when it rises. It's very difficult. 156.
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