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What are the configurations of the mobile electric lift

by:Powerston     2021-05-26
The mobile electric elevator has the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting, convenient operation and large load capacity. It is widely used in factories, property units, shop decoration, construction, decoration, venue layout, conference center and other industries. Due to the different use environment and use requirements, our company can customize special products for you according to your operating conditions to meet your needs to the greatest extent: A. Power form. Configure 380v or 220v electrical appliances according to your needs. If there is no power for field operations, you can configure DC batteries and diesel engines for power. B. Electrical control mode. There are electric up and down button control and remote control for you to choose C. Work platform form. The telescopic table can be customized to increase the scope of work. D. Movement method. The work place is not fixed and the distance is too far apart, you can customize the vehicle-mounted construction lift; the work place is relatively fixed and the moving range is small, and the battery-assisted walking device can be installed to solve the problem of the difficulty of moving the equipment due to its weight. E. Special use environment. Hazardous chemical industry can customize explosion-proof and anti-corrosion hydraulic lifting cage platform. The electric motor is customized according to your explosion-proof level; the surface treatment is based on your use environment for anti-acid and alkali treatment. The above listed are the more common mobile elevator configuration solutions. If you have some special needs, please call 0531-81170551 to contact the technicians and will do our best to meet your requirements! The specifications of the mobile electric elevator are as follows
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