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What are the criteria for selecting the components of the crank arm lifting platform?

by:Powerston     2021-07-19
What are the criteria for selecting the components of the crank arm lifting platform? 1. Selection of tubing accessories The material of the hydraulic tubing of the crank arm lifting cage platform must be of sufficient quality to prevent bursting, which has an important impact on the safety and service life of the hydraulic system. 2. The selection of hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of the crank arm lifting platform must be wear-resistant, and the high precision requirements enable it to ensure the complete conversion of kinetic energy during work, and avoid large amounts of heat energy and damage to the components. Cause damage. Third, the selection of hydraulic oil The hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic system should be selected as much as possible anti-wear hydraulic oil to reduce the heat generated by friction under working conditions. 4. Selection of the main frame. The support structure of the main frame of the crank arm lifting platform requires the use of high-strength steel pipes. This steel pipe must be able to withstand extremely high loads and ensure that the weight of the platform and the goods can be fully supported during work. Otherwise, There will be great safety hazards at work. 5. The choice of tires The crank arm type lifting platform mostly uses polyurethane wheels, which improves the stability of the equipment, without worrying about the size of the tire pressure, so that high-altitude operations can proceed safely and smoothly. 6. Selection of table top The quality requirement of the crank arm lifting platform is that it must have good anti-skid performance. This is due to the safety considerations of the goods or vehicles passing by the platform. The frictional force is likely to be reduced when sliding. Make the goods fall from the platform.
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