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What are the differences between hydraulic lifting platforms?

by:Powerston     2021-09-12
Professional Ru0026D and manufacturing of hydraulic lifting platform has 20 years of technology and industry product experience. I have a considerable understanding of the products of hydraulic lifting cage platform. In order to meet the changing needs of customers, the hydraulic lifting platform has undergone continuous market inspections and its own product improvements. The advantages of the product itself have been highlighted and recognized by the majority of customers. Below we give a detailed introduction to the advantages of the lifting platform equipment: First, after 20 years of continuous development in technical performance, the hydraulic lifting platform has gradually improved the process and technology, and the equipment has met the needs of various industries. The first choice is the stable operation of the hydraulic lifting platform. , Safe and stable, the power transmission of the lifting platform is even and stable, and the running speed curve changes smoothly. Second, it has good safety performance, high reliability, easy maintenance, and stable lifting cage. Third, the overflow valve can prevent the system pressure from being too high during upward movement. The emergency valve can lower the emergency valve of the lifting cage platform to the nearest floor position when the power supply fails. The overload protection valve can automatically stop lifting and send out an alarm when the full load weight exceeds the rated value. Fourth, in terms of use and maintenance, the failure rate of the hydraulic lifting platform is low. Due to the use of a very mature hydraulic system on the market and a good control method, the failure rate of operation is greatly reduced. It has good energy-saving performance. When going down, it is driven by the downward pressure generated by its own weight, and no power supply is needed. We can make the best hydraulic lifting platform solution for you, and provide you with high-quality and low-cost products. Users are welcome to consult and purchase! More exciting content recommendation: Why is the aerial work platform leasing industry developing rapidly?
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