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What are the factors that affect the safety and stability of mobile elevators?

by:Powerston     2021-06-18
The mobile elevator can be selected as two-phase, three-phase, battery, and diesel engine as the lifting cage power according to the needs, and explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances can also be selected for special places. The elevator control method is electric up and down control lifting cage, hand and electric dual-purpose or remote control, and it can still be used when power is off. This series of elevators has the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting cage, large load capacity, and convenient operation. The mobile elevators are widely used in various industries such as factories, grain depots, airports, gas stations, agencies, docks, field power, street lamp maintenance and building decoration. . Mobile lifts can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements. As the most practical, efficient and safest lifting equipment for high-altitude operations and high-altitude maintenance, it has been the most widely used, and manufacturers of mobile lifts have begun to blossom everywhere. But at present, most domestic mobile elevator manufacturers simplify product design in order to reduce costs, which greatly reduces the safety factor of mobile elevators. The following editor will share with you the factors affecting the safety performance of mobile lifts.   1. The influence of wear-resistant sleeves on the safety performance of mobile elevators.   2. The impact of shaft pins on the safety performance of mobile elevators without heat treatment.   3. No emergency stop or the impact of unreasonable emergency stop design on the safety performance of mobile elevators.   4. The influence of steel on the safety performance of mobile elevators.   5. The impact of low processing and installation accuracy on the safety performance of mobile elevators. The above are the factors that cause the safety and stability of the mobile elevator during production. As an enterprise, we must strengthen the earnestness and improvement of the above procedures, and do a good job of each product with quality and quantity to ensure quality, safety and stability.

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