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What are the functions of the electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-06
Electric lifting cage platforms can be widely used in the decoration of enterprises and institutions and large venues. Construction and maintenance of high-altitude operations. The safety protection functions of electric lifting platforms and electric doors are introduced below. Power protection device, when the electric system of the electric hydraulic lifting platform detects power When the voltage is lower than the rated voltage or greater than the allowable maximum value, the system will start the automatic power protection device and stop the operation of the equipment. Only the power supply within the rated range will start the operation of the equipment. Reverse operation protection, the identification feedback signal of the power system is reversed Operate hydraulic electric construction lift, when the system recognizes the actual operation process of the default running motor direction running in the opposite direction, the reverse operation is carried out, the reverse protection device starts to operate, and an alarm is issued. The electric construction lift door protection is in the electric hoist and electric hoist. The electric door is closed during the process. When there is something in the middle of the door, the electric door protection will be activated, and the hydraulic lifting electric door will open. Anti-overload protection, when the table load of the equipment exceeds the rated load and the hydraulic lifting platform overload alarm signal, an alarm Sound, and the equipment stops running. The hydraulic lifting system can automatically record all the information of the failure, and can help the operator to effectively troubleshoot the failure when a similar failure occurs again. The contactor contact detection protection, in the case of the hydraulic lifting cage platform running or stopped , When the system detects the contactor and status failure or abnormality, the system will automatically start the protection to prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment. Door switch failure protection. When the system detects the rated frequency and does not turn off the switch, the system will stop Shut down operation and output fault prompt information.
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