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What are the hazards of unstable voltage of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-24
The lifting platform is used for electric lifting cage. Voltage instability directly affects the stability of the lifting platform. The current of the motor does not reach the rated current. Under normal circumstances, the motor cannot be lifted or the lifting speed is too slow, and the motor will not burn. . If the current reaches the rated current and the voltage drops, the current will increase due to the constant load. Doing so for a long time will cause the motor temperature rise to be too high and damage the motor. Generally speaking, ordinary motors will leave a margin, as long as the fluctuations are not particularly large, there is no impact. 1. If the power supply voltage is too low, the electromagnetic torque will be reduced. If the load torque is not reduced, the rotor speed is too low, and the slip rate will increase at this time, causing the motor to generate heat due to overload, which will affect the use of the motor over time Life; 2. If the power supply voltage is too high and the excitation current increases during the operation of the motor, the motor will overheat, and a higher high voltage will threaten the insulation of the motor, and there will be a danger of breakdown; 3. When lifting When the three-phase voltage of the platform equipment is asymmetrical, when one-phase voltage is too high or too low, it will cause excessive current in a certain phase, the motor will heat up, and the torque will be reduced at the same time, it will make a buzzing sound, which will damage the windings over time. Therefore, it is the best choice to install a larger transformer at this time. 4. If the hydraulic lifting platform has frequent voltage instability, it will directly burn the power unit motor. The burning of the motor will cause very serious consequences and cause the pressure to drop instantaneously. If the equipment is not equipped with safety equipment such as overflow valves or explosion-proof valves, it will cause The lifting equipment falls, causing an accident, and it also requires a certain cost to replace a new power unit. In the process of using the lifting platform, we must ensure the stability of the working voltage, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, and do regular maintenance work to ensure that the lifting cage platform maintains a good operating condition and ensure the safety during high-altitude operations. The minimum ethical standards of enterprise manufacturers and operators.
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