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What are the hidden dangers of the unstable external power supply of the lifting platform platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-12
In the hydraulic lifting platform equipment, there is a lifting platform equipment that does not have batteries or diesel-driven equipment. The lifting platform needs to use an external power supply to raise and lower the equipment. The 10-meter mobile lifting platform is pulled by manpower. 10m electric lifting platform, this kind of lifting platform is mainly used in some occasions of small-scale movement, and the cost is relatively low, so it is also widely used. However, the power supply used by the lifting platform equipment of this external power supply is supplying power. It is necessary to ensure the stability of the current. When the current is unstable and stable, it will cause damage to the equipment. The following Olite lifting platform manufacturers will take us to understand what questions will be formed when the external power supply of the lifting cage platform is unstable. When the power is inside When the current cannot be supplied in a stable and balanced manner, some control electrical components inside the equipment will be damaged due to the unstable voltage condition. In severe cases, it may be directly burned out, so that the equipment cannot continue to operate, especially when the equipment is running. This situation is very harmful when working at high altitudes, it may appear to fall directly, and cause personal accidents for operators. Recommended reading: Classification of lifting cage platforms and how to buy mobile lifting platform equipment for this If the external power supply is unstable, we must clean up before use, and prevent high-power electrical appliances and lifting platform equipment from working on the same line at the same time, and that is, the connection line must be selected with better quality and acceptable Larger functions and matching the voltage of the lifting platform, these are conditions that may cause the power supply to be unable to provide stable power supply.As long as we pay more attention, we can excellently prevent and reduce the situation that may cause economic losses and casualties.
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