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What are the interference problems when using the mobile lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-01
Mobile lifting platforms are well known in the field of high-altitude operations due to their advantages of simplicity, safety and efficiency. There are usually a series of interference factors in use, which will not only affect normal use, but also have safety hazards in serious cases. Let me explain to you what are the interference problems when using the mobile lifting platform? (1) The wind speed is too high: when the wind speed is greater than level 5, high-altitude operations will easily cause the mobile lifting platform to shake, which is prone to safety accidents, which is one of the key factors of instability. (2) The outriggers are not opened: the outriggers are not opened according to the instructions or are not opened safely, which will affect the lifting process and cause instability. (3) Voltage instability: When the lifting platform is working, if the rated voltage is not reached, the various parts cannot operate normally, which will easily cause unstable lifting and shorten the service life of the freight elevator. (4) Improper operation: The lifting platform should be tested before work, and the no-load operation and load operation should be tested continuously for more than three times before the operation can be carried out to avoid malfunctions during work and unstable operation. (5) Component damage: The lifting platform is a unified whole. Any damage to the lifting platform will cause the lifting platform to be unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to check the mobile lifting cage platform regularly and eliminate the fault in time. Once the lifting platform has passed the warranty period, some maintenance manufacturers may charge fees. If it is a simple damage, the maintenance cost is very uneconomical for the customer. Therefore, learning the corresponding maintenance knowledge can reduce unnecessary expenditures. First, if the lifting platform suddenly fails to rise, it is obvious that the motor is idling. In this case, the motor may be reversed. At this time, the two wires of the plug can be reversed, and the lifting platform can resume lifting. The second point is that if the lifting platform cannot be lifted, the reason for the motor reversal is also ruled out, but the parts of the mobile lifting platform are normal, and no traces of burns or collisions are found. At this time, we can check the Huizhou mobile lifting platform The brake button on the platform, if the brake button is pressed, the lifting platform is in a stopped state and cannot perform any lifting, just dial it back gently, and the lifting platform can restore the lifting status. The third point, if the lifting platform suddenly stops during the lifting process, you can unscrew the valve next to the pressure gauge and release the hydraulic pressure. The lifting platform will automatically lower to ensure the safety of the ascending personnel, and then perform the lifting platform Troubleshoot the cause of damage.
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