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What are the main advantages of electric hoist

by:Powerston     2021-09-05
Many customers have questions when purchasing equipment. Is the electric hoist good or hydraulic? The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these equipment. Electric hoist is a simple hoisting machine with poor safety performance and is often used for construction or The temporary lifting operation of the factory has a limited service life and cannot be compared with the professional long-distance hydraulic crane. The professional freight lifting platform for heavy-duty operation has equipment failure, and even accident emergency facilities, and there is no electric hoist. The safety performance of the crane is much higher than the electric hoist cargo lifting platform. Compared with the price of the electric hoist and the hydraulic lifting platform, the electric hoist is cheaper. The lifting cage platform is divided into a hydraulic lifting platform and an electric lifting ladder. The hydraulic lifting platform adopts a guide rail type Hydraulic power unit, hydraulic cylinders and rail-type hydraulic cargo lifting cage platforms that raise and lower the main drive freight lifting platform cannot be stopped immediately, with high safety and stability. The drive of the hydraulic power unit makes it strong in carrying capacity and can achieve large tonnage. Transportation of goods. The transfer of electric hoist is to drag the number of steel wire ropes to obtain the rise and fall of the freight lifting platform. This transfer is often caused by the elastic rope cargo to cause the lifting platform platform to tilt, which is safe, stable, and poor, resulting in the wire rope traction capacity It is limited and can only be used for the transportation of small tonnage goods.
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